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Spring Flower Cookies made into a Jigsaw Puzzle | The Cookie Architect
Real Jigsaw Puzzle!!! 2000 Ridiculous Pieces in one Enormous Puzzle :)

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Beautifully elegant as always!  How do you find time to do this?   I thought you had a job out in the non-cookie world?  You are amazingly talented, and always inspire me to be better at my art.

Dona the link it to purchase the puzzle.  Springbok is publishing a picture of a set of my cookies as a jigsaw puzzle!
Originally Posted by donaharrisburg:

Ditto to all comments!  You are always amazing! 

Okay, I looked at the link.  Are these instructions on how to create a puzzle?


That is so awesome!!! I really hope you enjoy it!! Please review on if you get a chance too!
  I feel lonely over there!
Originally Posted by Sandy Garvey:

My puzzle arrived last week and I can't wait to start it. The colors are so vibrant! Great job!


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