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Hi Everyone, Here's the "The Night Before Christmas" themed Gingerbread house that I made for the 2014 Festival Of Trees to raise money for Detroit Children's Hospital. The house was auctioned for $500 and it also won the Gold Ribbon at the show! More Pictures are at


Link to the 360 view of this house


Free Tutorial on how to make the Christmas Tree and Shrubs


Sweet Wishes




Images (6)
  • Carrots for Reindeer: Reindeer having their treat left by the Children
  • Lighted Christmas Tree: Tutorial link available in the description box
  • Close up on Santa: Santa and his reindeer
  • Top part of the house: Little mouse in the attic
  • Snowman: Snowman reading T'was The Night Before Christmas Poem
  • Roof: Garland Decorations
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Your gingerbread house is fantastic! You did such an amazing job decorating it! Santa on the roof with his reindeer are great! Congratulations on your gold ribbon! Thanks so much for sharing your gingerbread house and the tutorial on how to make the tree and shrubs!

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