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Topiary Easter Cookies
Glittered sugar musk was inspired by a Con Azucar Y Algodon's beautiful cookie!

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Love your creativity as well as your flawless execution!! You amaze me with each and every post of your work. I'm without words to describe your talent (and anyone who knows me would find it hard to believe that I would be without words ).


Thank you for sharing your work. You have often given me a twist for an idea germinating in my head that I can incorporate in some way to come up with something better than my design would have been without your creative input. I hope that I have always, always, always remembered to cite your name for the input I gained from your designs!!

Originally Posted by jump for joy:

These are amazing.  How did you do the wood finish?  Just so cute and artistic

Hi Jump for joy! I suggest you this great tutorial by Con Azucar Y Algodon to obtain a perfect wood finish:

Originally Posted by Sweet Kaleo (LeeAnn Slauson):

OOOOOOOOH, these are quite lovely. Stunning really. Please teach a Craftsy Class. There are SO many of us who would love instruction from you on your amazingly beautiful work!!

Sweet LeeAnn, thank you! When Craftsy wiil call me to make an online class you will be the first to know it ❤️