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Vintage Sarah Kay Easter Cookies
Original SARAH KAY designs © John Sands (Australia) Ltd,

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I hope you find this tutorial as fun I had creating it!

The image is a part of the loyalty club @ John Sands (Australia) Ltd.

The originator and artist is Vivien Kubbos

EDITOR'S NOTE: Per Sarah Kay - Original SARAH KAY designs © John Sands (Australia) Ltd,; Please see the terms and conditions for which Sarah Kay designs can be used, attached below.


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Thanks, Bobbie. It's not clear to me from reading the Loyalty Club page of the Sarah Kay site ( that they actually allow the use of their images on things other than their own designed projects (recreated by others), so I have placed an inquiry with them to find out.

It is clear, though, that they require linking back to their site, as we also require. It's fine to place links in captions and tags as you did, but, first and foremost, the link should be included in a comment, as that is the only place on your post where it will hyperlink and actually lead back to the source art. I've added it here, but please catch this next time.

Thank you. I'll post an update here when I hear back from the Sarah Kay folks.

So, @bobbiebakes and everyone else, below is the correspondence I have had so far with the Sarah Kay folks; they only allow use of their art in VERY limited applications at craft fairs, markets, etc.  (PLEASE SEE THEIR "SARAH KAY ANGEL POLICY," ATTACHED.) I am not sure that creating monetized videos with their art actually fits their criteria, and so I am waiting to hear on that point as well. In the meantime, this post must be credited exactly as they say in the following letter:

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 9.29.03 PM

I've added the copyright information to the caption above and also to the tags.

I will re-post here as soon as I get a statement from them about using their art in monetized videos. 


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