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Whimsey and Elephants | The Cookie Architect
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #3 - NON-ENTRY - With unstrung banner

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With a tip of my hat to Sugar Pearl Cakes and Bakes and her awesome elephant and balloon set.  Just goes to show that great minds think alike!  Or at least, I shared a thought with someone awesome .

Originally Posted by Sugar Pearls Cakes and Bakes:

Thank you for the shout out! These are more beautiful than I could ever dream of. You are brilliant! My hat's off to you

That is crazy on the face of it.  Shush now!

Originally Posted by KellyMadeThat:

These are so cool!  Love the variety of textures.  How did you do the scroll work on the bottom one?  It's a very cool technique.  

Kelly- that is "quilled" fondant set in RI.

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