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Have You Had an AWESOME ACCIDENT? How Did You Handle It?

An AWESOME ACCIDENT is what I call when you mess up and then come up with a solution that's better than anything you were planning on doing.


My AWESOME ACCIDENT came after posting a plea for help for my rippled icing from my first attempt at using my new dehydrator.


 Julia was so kind to reply to my plea and advised me to thicken my icing which helped for my next batch. But WHAT TO DO with my warped, rippled, mess ups? I didn't have time to re-bake cookies and start over. And I had only two colors I could work with for this order, BLACK & WHITE. My order was for a 50th birthday and this person loved paisley print, black and white, and Western theme. The challenge was trying to coordinate all of these different requests into ONE platter of cookies and have it look like a SET and not a mess.


Now I had ruined my first set of cookies coming out of my dehydrator, so I was already off to a BAD start. I was in TEARS ready to TRASH the cookies. Usually I MUNCH my MESS UPS and MOVE ON, but there were too many to eat. It was time to get creative and make it an AWESOME ACCIDENT.


After looking at the cookie's warped surface, I decided to start adding tiny dots and paisleys to help cover up the ripples in my icing. It really started to look good and soon my tears of frustration were replaced with that excitement when you just KNOW you are on to something really AWESOME!! I was having so much fun with the whole paisley and dot theme that I continued it onto the rest of the cookies that came out better with the thicker icing (per Julia's instructions).

I am hoping this post will encourage others to share their stories of Icing Issues and how you resolved to fix them. 


How did you handle your AWESOME ACCIDENT?




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