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SITE SUGGESTION: How Interested Are You in a New Lettered/Monogrammed Clip Set?

I was also wondering about a clip set for Monogrammed / Lettered / Worded Plaque cookies? Not totally necessary I realise, as they are usually part of set but just a thought I had when I added a monogrammed cookie awhile back


EDITOR'S NOTE: Please indicate interest in the poll below. Bear in mind the number of clip sets we currently have (A LOT) and that you can always tag a photo as "monogram" or "lettered" already.

Extremely interested; I would use it the majority of time that I upload to the site.
Somewhat interested.
Not very interested.
Not at all interested; I can already tag my photos with "letters" or "words" if needed.
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UPDATE: Due to the split interest in this clip set (and the LARGE number of clip sets that we already have), this clip set will not be added in the foreseeable future.



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