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SITE SUGGESTION: How Interested Are You in Having a Casual/Social Area in the Forums?

I was wondering if there might be a social spot set into place for us cookiers? If there was I completely missed it and apologies. 

I would love to read intro threads from everyone, ask silly cookie-related questions- not necessarily technique, but daily cookier life questions. (Like, what do you do while you're decorating? What is your kryptonite as far as designs go? etc etc)

Just a thought! I'd really love to get to know everyone as well as talk techniques and business!  

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Posted by Mallory of ButterWinks! ·

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UPDATE: Since you all loved Mallory's idea so much, this "social" forum was added many months ago. It's called Member Meetup and it contains four sub-forums: Casual Cookie Chat, Members in the News, Cookie Swap! (aka Classified Ads), and Mystery Cookie Cutter Meetup. You can find descriptions/links to all of these forums here.



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