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SITE SUGGESTION: How Interested Are You in a New Adult-Themed Clip Set?

I'm not sure how strongly people feel about having (or not having) an adult-themed cookie clip collection, so I thought I'd ask! Setting up such a collection is easy, but it would be more difficult (and costly) to make this collection private (i.e., only viewable if the folder was directly clicked) and to prevent it from streaming into "Favorite Cookies" and "Newest Cookies" on the home page. Please express your interest in the poll below! Also feel free to elaborate in the comments area. Thanks so much.

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How interested are you in being able to post to an adult-themed cookie clip collection?

Not at all interested
Moderately interested
Extremely interested

How important is it to you that any such adult-themed cookie clip collection be private (i.e., photos are only viewable if the folder is directly clicked on)?

Not at all important
Moderately important
Extremely important
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