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SITE SUGGESTION: Separate Area for Cookiers Who Reside Outside the USA?

Talking to some fellow cookiers, I am just wanting to see if there is viability/interest in adding a forum/chat room area for us cookiers that reside outside the United States (sometimes referred to as "Internationals"). I have found that not being in the United States can present its own challenges at times, and therefore their own unique fixes (I have seen some great 'hacks'). From not being able to source some ingredients to holidays and seasonal challenges (northern hemisphere vs southern) to different legal requirements for home based businesses. We could share the challenges and fixes with other internationals in our own area so as not to clog up other areas. I understand that cookieing and the community is universal but sometimes the processes are not! 


So, specifically, would you like to see a separate forum/chat room for those who reside outside the US?

Yes, I think it would be a good resource
No, I can use the forum topics that are already available
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EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks for your participation in this survey. This idea will not be implemented in the foreseeable future. Cookie Connection encourages the voices of every member, from every country, to be heard in all existing forums and chat rooms. We think everyone, from every nationality, benefits from this cross-cultural exchange. We believe that setting up special chat areas will only fragment an already cohesive community.