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SITE SUGGESTION: How Interested Are You in a New Clip Set For Cookie Templates?

EXTRA! EXTRA! This recommendation just in from Cookie Occasions:




I thought the idea had some merit so I wanted to post it here to get others' opinions.


The idea, recapped: To add a category in clips for filing images or documents containing templates that might be used to create custom cookie shapes or other embellishments for cookies. 


What say you? Please vote in the poll below. Note: The number of clips categories on the site is limited, and we're already approaching the max, so I wanted to get a better sense of how important this is to people. Thanks!

Yes, super interested in this!
Hmm, maybe . . . but sort of lukewarm about the idea.
No, it's not a priority for me.
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UPDATE: Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to this idea, this clip set was added many months ago. However, it was rarely used for templates, so the clip set was later expanded to include photo tips and clips linked to tutorials. The clip set is now called "Tutorials, Tips, and Templates" and can be found here and in all the clip set drop-down menu selections on the site.