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Meringue Powder Use in Royal Icing

Hi, as a supplement to Liesbet's latest Toolbox Talk all about meringue powder, I'd like to develop our own Cookie Connection database to formally codify your meringue powder experiences!

Even if you don't use meringue powder to make your royal icing, I would really appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to fill out this brief survey, all the way to Question 5. And even if you already filled out my quickie Facebook survey, please fill out this form so we can preserve your answers for posterity. (Facebook is so fleeting! ) The results will be visible to everyone, so hopefully we will all learn a little bit more about how people around the world make their royal icing! Thanks in advance!

IMPORTANT: Fill-in-the-blank questions are hard to construct, even with our new survey software (it only allows multiple choice), but I tried! For the fill-in-the-blank question below (Question 5), please hit the fourth "Other" option and then write your response in the box that appears. Responses are limited to 255 characters.

Likewise, if you select any "Other" options in multiple choice questions, please also specify what that "Other" is in the box that appears.

Q1: Which icing do you most often use to coat (fully cover) your cookies?

Q2: If you use royal icing for coating cookies, how do you most often make it?

Q3: If you use meringue powder for royal icing, which brand do you most often use?

Q4: What are your primary reasons for using your preferred brand of meringue powder indicated in Question 3? (Select no more than three reasons, please.)

Q5: Where do you most often buy your preferred brand of meringue powder indicated in Question 3?

In what country do you live?

This is a transparent survey.
Posted by Julia M. Usher ·
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