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CookieCon 2014 Event Coverage - Input Needed

Hi, all, I'm planning to lay low at CookieCon this year - no teaching, no vending, no signing books, just sopping up all the sights, sounds, and delectable cookies I can get my hands on.


In between wiping crumbs off my face, I plan to stretch my journalism skills by covering the events and people of CookieCon and posting about them here on Cookie Connection


To help me plan the coverage that would most interest you (photos? videos? interviews? something else?), please answer the quick poll below. Please also elaborate in the comments. I would especially like to hear from those who cannot attend, so we can make your vicarious experience most satisfying! 


Thanks in advance for the input. (I'm planning ahead because some of these ideas may take some time to organize!)

30 Responses

Are you attending CookieCon 2014?

Not Yet Decided

What events or people would you most like to hear about or from? (Multiple responses allowed.)

Opening and Closing Events
Presenter Demos
Cutter/Cookie Swaps
Blinged-Out Apron Contest
Sugar Show
Event Organizers
Sugar Show Winners

What form of coverage would you most like to see? (Select your favorite only.)

Live Updates from Attendees in Onsite Chat Room
Mini Video Interviews Posted to Blog or Clips Section
Photo-Rich Blog Posts
Written Recaps or Interviews Posted to Blog
Dedicated CookieCon Clip Set Where Attendees Can Post Photos Real-Time
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