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Hi girls, 

In a few week my baby boy will turn 2 and, since he loves "Cars" movie, I'm gonna bake a standard cake, cover it with fondant and then I'm gonna apply a big RI tranfer over it. The subject of course will be Lightning McQueen..,

I'm doing some research for the project and, since I want it to be perfect, a lot of doubts came up... so I thought this would be the right place to share and hopefully find helpful tips!

I found this picture over Pinterest of these beautiful Cars cookies (i think it's from Oh Sugar Events, but the link doesn't work anymore and over her blog I found other Cars cookies, not this one).



First doubt: Should I flood the red hood of the car, leaving the tiny spaces for the lights and the one for the mouth, which I would flood after 15 minutes or so when the hood is crusted .... or viceversa (Before the tiny spaces and then the big ones)??? My first thought was the first option because I would be able to keep the edges clean. What do you think?


Second doubts: how would you do the eyes??? I mean... the easy way would be... flood the big area with white and when crusted, make the pupils over the white. But one of the things I like in this cookie is that the pupils seem at the same level of the white... but also there seem to be no mark of crust between the to spaces (so no "one before the other" tecnique). Do you think is it possible fill the white leaving the spaces for the pupils, and immediateky fill with the blue and black of the pupils without making a mess? or is it wet on wet? Or is it painting? How would you do them?


Of course I will use a 20 second royal icing (I don't think I use outline and flood consistency anymore) and the dimension of the eyes would be 1 cm diameter (more or less) ... so definitely quite big.


Sorry for the rambling..... also hope the selected section of the forum is the right one. Feel free to move the post wherever it should be!

Thanks in advance. <3


The Italian Baker


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The blue part of the eyes are wet-on-wet. This is how I think she did it:


1.) Fill in entire front window with white icing first

2.) Add blue pupils while white icing is still wet (wet-on-wet)

3.) Once icing is dry, draw on black details on and around eyes with a food-dye marker. (The marker would have to have a very fine tip to get the look that her cookies have. This brand would work:

4.) Add white highlight to the top of eye with royal icing.


For the headlights and mouth, I think they were added first and the red portion of the car was added second. You can keep clean lines if you apply the red frosting very carefully around the outline and don't overfill the red. I would also use a slightly thicker tip for outlining the black around the mouth since a little of it will get covered by the red icing. The black lines on top of the mouth were drawn on with a food dye marker.


I hope this helps!

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