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Hi, everyone! I wanted to bring your attention to a new sweets convention, debuting for the first time in my home city and state of St. Louis, Missouri. It is called "Show Me Sweets", and it is taking place for one day, Sunday, October 22, at the St. Louis City Center Hotel. 

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There's a ton happening at this event - everything from competitions and classes to demos and vendors, all of which you can read about here. But it's the cookie competition that I wanted to talk to you about specifically. Competitions, like our challenges on this site, are an awesome way to stretch and hone your skills, so I truly do encourage your participation. You can enter in one of several categories, depending on your skill level, but the rules are basically the same for each category: make six (6) decorated cookies in keeping with the "Beauty of Fall" theme!

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The full scoop on the competition (all 16 pages) can be read here, and please do read the fine print. There's a lot of other need-to-know info there.

I will be attending the show to judge the cookie competition and vend stencils (and also possibly to demo, time permitting), and I'd love to see you and your work there! So get your game on, and sign up! Prizes have not yet been announced, but they promise to be good - though the real reward comes through entering, trying new things, and learning! 

Please direct any further inquiries about this competition or the broader event to


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  • Screen Shot from "Show Me Sweets" Home Page: Courtesy of "Show Me Sweets"
  • Screen Shot of "Show Me Sweets" Cookie Competition Rules: Courtesy of "Show Me Sweets"
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IMPORTANT: A recent rules clarification - Any of the 6 "cookies" can be dimensional/sculptural pieces, comprised of more than one cookie, but there must be 6 discrete cookie elements in the entry.

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