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I am doing birthday cookies for a deaf person. Her daughter asked me to put in American sign language cookies, and I'm just not sure what color to make them.


I'd love your opinion about whether or not to use flesh color or one of the shades of the flowers in the cookie tray. The cookies are shades of purple and orchid, with some teal and coral and white. It seems that the flesh tone hand could look funny.

Thanking you all in advance! Becky

Rebecca McGeorge

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not sure if the age of the person is pertinent         not sure cut/style of cookies you made   or plan on making         pertaining to age   maybe ask their favorite color       not sure color is pertinent       there are many posters in an array of colors     and there are many arrays of colors used depicting actual sign language signs         google american sign language        some colorful   some  just  black lined       

hope this helps    i'd like to see what you have now   and   what you do with them 

it's wonderful that you are doing these cookies     bravo



Have you seen the "thumbs up" cookie Haniella did recently? She outlined in blue and flooded in white. I think if you outlined in the purple you are using for your flowers and then flooded in white or a skintone shade, it would look nice. I'll try to post Haniella's cookie. Hope it works:

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