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I'm Shel and I make cookies over at Sweet Petite


I'm a total geek and have always been a huge fan of Back to the Future! (stay with me, it’s cookie related honest!) and if you’ve seen the films, the day Marty McFly travels to into the future is coming up! It’s October the 21st 2015. and I think it would be great if we could get together to mark the day...with sweet treats!!


The Cakenweenie event that happened last year for Tim Burton’s birthday and the Harry Potter one that’s just happened for JK Rowling has sprung to mind. Therefore I'm asking cookiers and cake decorators if they'd like to create BTTF designed goodies and if we could then sell them to raise funds for Parkinson's charities that would be fab, but I realise there are a few charity events happening at the mo, so if you'd just like a challenge then that would be fine


We have bakers and cookiers from the UK, US, Canada, Mexico, Italy and Denmark so far!!! Would anyone be interested in creating a design?


If so, thanks! and if you'd like to join the group you can find it here:


If you can't participate you can still help us out by liking our facebook page or following us on twitter

Many thanks!!!


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