This is only my second post and I am not sure if this is done in the right spot!!  Last year I gave a kit to a family that had undecorated cookies with the icing. They loved it and want to make it a tradition for Christmas with their kids and grand kids. I am sure you all do this . . . How many cookies and how do you price it?? Any clever ways you box them up?? I would love to get this out to my customers. Thank you ladies! (and gentlemen!). I appreciate any help with this.

Stephanie Lang

Stephanie's Cookies

New London Ohio

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Hi, this is a GREAT question. I moved it into a more general business tips category though, as it isn't related to cookie platter design per se.

As for your pricing question, we have several great pricing posts under our Blog ("The Business of Cookies" category) about how to price cookies. The same general pricing principles apply to pricing bare cookies as they do to decorated ones, so I would recommend looking at those posts. (Just look under "Blog" and then in the far right for "The Business of Cookies" under the "Blog Collections" section/widget.)

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