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Hi, all! One final, quick pre-vacation announcement: Cake Masters Magazine announced today that nominations for their 2016 awards, which include a Cookier of the Year honor and also one for your favorite educational site, will open tomorrow, Saturday, June 25, 2016.


I don't yet have a link to the actual nominations page, but I encourage you to check back to the Cake Masters Facebook page for updates. I also encourage you to nominate your favorite cookiers, and - if I can be so bold  - to cast a vote for Cookie Connection in the educational site category. Our team of contributors works incredibly hard to make this site rich with tutorials and other informational articles, and it would be a great tribute to them to be nominated. Not to mention, the nod would help spread the word about this community, and I would love that! The more, the merrier, as they say!

Thanks in advance for considering and have a great weekend.

*** UPDATE ***

Here's the link to the nominations page!


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  • Cake Masters Magazine 2016 Awards Banner: Courtesy of Cake Masters Magazine
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Avis posted:

Julia, nominating you was the least I could do.  I've binge-watched your tube vids and I feel like I should be sending you a check for my education! :-)

Oh, thanks so VERY much, but I'm afraid I am not personally eligible for one of these awards, as I now judge them each year - not the educational site category, but the cookier category and many of the other ones.

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