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Hi, all! Not sure if you caught this online, but over the last 24 hours, Cake Masters Magazine has been posting its awards finalists - VERY, VERY slowly, category by category. So slowly, in fact, that they still have not announced the cookie finalists, nearly 24 hours later.

I trust that announcement will come later today, so if you want to follow the action live over the course of today, you can do so here on their Facebook event page.

Later this evening (If they've posted the results by then, that is!), I'll also make a formal announcement here.

I'm judging all of the sugar arts categories again this year, and from the looks of the finalists in the other categories, it looks like it will be another tough year of judging! Lots of great talent!

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*** UPDATE ***

The cookie finalists were just announced, here! Congrats to all four of our Cookie Connection members: @Dolce Sentire - Aixa Zunino@Evelindecora@SweetAmbs, and @iSugarfy (aka swissophie). I'll post a more complete announcement later tonight!

Cookie Finalists


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  • Cake Masters Cookie Award Finalists - 2016: Image Courtesy of Cake Masters Magazine

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