Hey, all! Just a reminder that the Cake Masters Magazine Awards take place tomorrow night in Birmingham, England at the Cake International show.

There are four Cookie Connection members - @Evelindecora@swissophie, @SweetAmbs, and @Dolce Sentire - up for the Cookie Award! (Congrats again, ladies!)

Cookie Award Finalists ADJ

Winners typically get announced on the Cake Masters Awards Facebook page throughout the night, so you can follow the fun there! I will also report back on the winner late on Saturday night or Sunday morning.

In the meantime, read more about the awards program and judging process here. It was a very difficult judging process, and I too will be interested to see how the opinions of my fellow  judges sorted out!

Judges - Cake Masters Awards 2016

A huge round of applause again to all of the finalists!  Everyone is a winner in my book!

***** UPDATE *****

And the 2016 Cake Masters Cookie Award goes to . . .


Congratulations, @Evelindecora! Well deserved. And, again, a huge round of applause to all finalists for their remarkable work. Find out the winners in the other categories by checking out the Cake Masters Facebook page here (just scroll forward or backward from the post in this link).


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Anne Marie Adams posted:

Fantastic it's been a long wait I put my votes in and I've got my fingers crossed for all the cookie connection nominees so good luck everyone I'd like you all to know that you're all winners in my cookie ❤

Oh, you must be mixing up awards programs. The public did not vote in Cake Masters to determine the final winners; the judging team (pictured above, myself included) reviewed extensive portfolios from each person, which we then scored independently. The Cake Masters team then tallied those results, so even the judges don't know the outcome yet. It's the EAGA (Edible Artists Global Awards) where winners are determined by popular vote in many (but not all) categories! I know, there are a lot of award programs out there now (which can be a bit confusing), including our own Cookie Connection Awards, which I hope to announce soon. 

Anne Marie Adams posted:

Sorry about that Julia I guess I did get things mixed up I'll be honest I'm not the smartest cookie here but I did mean the last part everyone's a winner in my cookie heart❤

No, it's easy to mix up these programs - I often do too! I just wanted to be clear that this one is judged (for others reading), because the judging process is actually quite rigorous and spans a few weeks.

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