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What?! YES! The total cash prize value in my namesake cookie art competition at That Takes the Cake Show is $4,000 - and growing! The deadline to register is February 16, 2020, but there’s good reason to register now. Early reg allows me and my team to better plan for you - and you more time to create a design that’s sure to grab a top prize!  Hope to see you at the judging table on February 22!


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  • Julia M Usher's Cookie Art Competition™ Banner: Graphic Courtesy of That Takes the Cake Show
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Julia M. Usher posted:
Elke Hoelzle posted:

My dream... some day, some day.

I hope to meet you there one day too!

Julia, I am working on it! Just have God on my side and be a honorable person, that I will be rewarded this blessing some day!!! My piggie bank is looking at me right now😂😂🤣

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