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Last weekend, the winners of the Cake Masters Magazine Awards were announced during their gala at Cake International in Birmingham, England. As one of the judges (see all of my fellow judges below), I can tell you that the competition was particularly stiff this year, and the work was utterly amazing in many categories.

Cake Mastrs Judges

Please visit the Cake Masters Magazine Facebook page for a complete rundown of all of the winners. I did, however, want to give a huge shout-out to the cookie winner here, since cookies are nearest and dearest to all of our hearts!  Many congrats to the very deserving Nadia Kalinichenko of My Little Bakery.


Now, get cracking on your cookies! Who knows - you may just be a Cake Masters contender in 2019!


Images (2)
  • 2018 Cake Masters Judges: Photo Courtesy of Cake Masters Magazine
  • 2018 Cookie Winner - My Little Bakery: Photo Courtesy of Cake Masters Magazine
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