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Does anyone know what cutter SweetFace Cookies used for her "Chucks"?

My granddaughter is graduating this month and loves Converse gym shoes. 





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Rebecca McGeorge

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If you can't find it, you could always make your own with a cutter making kit, or even just the kit refill if you are crafty. I got my refill for less than $10, and it includes 72" of metal plus the adhesive to secure it. (I got mine at, but many people carry it, so ask at your favorite place.)

If I need an extravagant shape, I make a template, put it on the dough, and cut around with a knife. It works pretty well, and I don't need to buy a cutter for just one occasion. The template can either be cardboard, or if you want it to be reusable plastic. I "recycle" the lids of ready made salads for this, or any other kind of food packing that's flat and thick enough. The converse shoe is such an easy shape, you will not need much longer than with a regular cutter this way.

Don't know the source of that cutter, but the suggestions above are all very good. If I have to make any more than a few cookies though, I prefer to have a cutter, because cutting with a template can be really tedious.

Oooh, CopperGifts has beautiful cutters. Also, I did a search for converse cookies on google image, and it suprised me how many pictures of nifty converse cookies were out there.

Sweet Rebecca, maybe let us know how it works out? Would love to see the cookies you make.

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