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Hi, everyone! As you may know, Cookie-A-Thon, the world’s largest online cookie decorating event, starts live on March 30, but you can gain access to all 90 (yes, 90!) video tutorials right now and then view them for up to a year! I’m teaching a lesson on precision-control airbrushing and use of layered stencils, but there are so many other techniques and mediums covered by others (edible papers, textured icing, 3-D cookies, piped florals, and on and on).


The live four-day event is free, but an ALL-ACCESS PASS IS ONLY $67 RIGHT NOW, AND IT ALLOWS YOU TO WATCH EACH VIDEO OVER AND OVER. (BTW, that’s 75 cents per video!) ALL-ACCESS PASSES GO UP TO $127 on March 30 when the event goes live, so now's the time to get the best of all deals!

MORE INFO AND ALL-ACCESS PASSES HERE. (Note: This url is my affiliate link. I earn a small referral fee on each sale generated via this link. Most of these referral fees fund this site and my development of other tutorials for you. TIA for using this link!)


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  • Julia's Cookie-A-Thon Class: Cookies and Photos by Julia M Usher; Graphic Design by Elizabeth Cox
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