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Does anyone have experience with licensing cookie cutter designs for commercial use?  I'm negotiating with a large online retailer to manufacture and ship my cutter designs but I don't even know what to ask for compensation or how to navigate this kind of a deal.

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I have a licensing agreement with my stencil partner, and also had one with my airbrush partner. Happy to talk with you on the phone about some things to look out for, particularly if the company is also going to be your distributor and customer service arm (i.e., face the customer). First and foremost, be sure you retain all the rights to the designs (if you are the sole designer), so you can take them elsewhere if the relationship does not work out. Please email me if you want to set up a call; I am first available toward the end of next week.

You should also research typical royalty rates in your sector. Here's a piece that addresses royalty rates on intellectual property in general (they're not as large as you might expect/hope):

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Kourtney posted:

@Julia M. Usher Wow thank you so much!  That would be incredibly helpful and I would love to chat on the phone whenever you are able.  I'm pretty flexible and the end of next week works great

Please email to schedule a time.

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