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Hallo! I don't know where I have to write this post so if it is in the wrong forum, please put it in the right ones I have a question: I want to decorate a cookie and it had to last "forever". I have a cookie, from hungary I think, that is very very hard and seems to have a "glue" on the you have some suggestion for me?

thank you

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I haven't tried this myself, but I have heard about using UV resistant spray acrylic to coat cookies. Ali Bee mentions it in a blog post:


I have found that cookies last a very long time if they are kept dry, away from humidity, and out of direct sunlight.


I'm interested to hear what other people have used to perserve cookies!  

Hi Carmen,
My job is to create gifts. These made of gingerbread. My gifts are hungarian gingerbreads.
The  spray acrylic to coat cookies is functions. Really important: You must put on more 5-6 coat. Between coats take it dry absolutely. The first feww of coats must be thin, or else the icing gonna melts away.

If your hungarian cookie is red, here is the most prevalent, and easy receipt:

You must have a perfect gigerbread cookies, calm as a mill-pond face.

(I have got a honour dough receipt.)

one egg-yolk, one tablespoon milk

You can use colors for exaple: Wilton Icing Colors paste, or Americolor

The baked, cool cookie's face coated with a brush with it. In the oven 50 °C (celsius) 5cm open door, while run the blower insite. 5 minutes and it will be dry. I coated the back side too. 

Anikò thank you very much.

I don't underastand very well the end of the receipt you talk about is to color the cookie? If I don't have to color it but I only use royal icing, how I have to use spray acrylic? Do I have to put the cookies into the owen anyway?Excuse me for my bad english

I've had bad luck with the spray coatings  - spattering and spotting the royal icing - so I'll be interested to hear what more Aniko and others have to say about this.


I store my cookies for very long times for photo shoots, and they do hold up incredibly well if kept in airtight containers and out of the light (just bringing them into the light for special occasions and temporary displays). In fact, I recently discovered a cookie I had stored this way (and lost in the mess of my kitchen). It was over two years old and looked nearly as nice as the day I made it.


P.S. Carmen, this was the perfect spot for this great topic!

While I've never shellacked a cookie, I've been asked many times if it would work. So this is a very interesting topic! I had one lady who kept a couple of my 3D cookies in plastic baggies (the Raggedy Ann and Andy in my clips). When one of her grandkids got hold of them, she damaged Andy. I was asked to repair him as best I could, and it turned out pretty well. (Especially considering the cookie was over two years old at the time!)


P.S. - I LOVE those gorgeous red hearts, Aniko!!!!

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