Hi!  I hope this is place for this, but I have my first paid customer and I am wondering if anyone uses an order form to send to the customer to fill out, and, if so, if you are willing to share, or at least share what information you request?  If someone is willing to share your order form, or what information you get from the customer, that would be great!

In Illinois, customers have to pay in person in our county, so I am wondering if you require a deposit as well? 

Thank you!


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I don't use a order form per se but i do make sure I get the following information:

Date of Order; Delivery Date; Customer Name, Address, Phone, & Email; Number of Cookies needed; Specific Cookie Design (if requested) and yes I require a deposit - that's non-refundable or transferable of at least 50% down.  I would use either paypal or square to accept the deposit and upon delivery you can collect the balance. 

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