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Just a heads up that CookieCon 2020 Add-on Workshop registration opens tomorrow, October 16 (8 pm ET; 7 pm CT; 6 pm MT), for those already with CookieCon tickets. It re-opens on October 23 at the same time for general public registration.

Here's the page to go to for registration: http://www.cookiecon.net (Just click on "Modify CookieCon Registration" at the appointed time.)
And here's the page for advance review of the available workshops: http://www.cookiecon.net/workshops.php

I hope to see many of you at my two workshops on Wednesday, February 26. My class occupancy is limited to 18 students in each, so, if you're interested in attending, sign up fast!  Below are posters for those classes and links to their respective course descriptions on the CookieCon site. Happy workshop hunting!

Dimension without the Distress (and Airbrushing 101): Read MoreMORNING CLASS

Luxe Layers (and Airbrushing 102): Read More AFTERNOON CLASS


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