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Question: Thoughts on dehydrators. I hear they help keep a good shine on the cookie . . . They set the icing quickly and better for shipping . . .they seal the cookie.

I've also heard, they dry out the cookie (so adjustments are to be made to recipe). 

I'm looking into getting one, but figured I'd get the most honest and educated answers here. Do they make that much of a difference? I value your comments.

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Hi again, @The Cookie Cart, I just wanted to let you know that we already have a ton of forum topics on dehydrators, including one called "yay or nay" (which addresses this same question) and another with more specific brand recommendations. Plus, many other related topics. (Here's the link.) It's always a good idea to do a quick search of our forums (using the advanced search function under the magnifying glass icon at the top of the site) to see what's already been posted before creating a new and possibly duplicate topic. Chances are good that many questions have already been answered. 

Please check out this link (especially the "yay or nay" post within it), as I think it will help. However, I'll leave this post here to see if others have anything to add to it.

As I've said in some of the other posts, I like my Excalibur dehydrator (a lot) for quick-setting the outer layer of icing and leaving the icing with a sheen and no craters/dipping (usually). But I only dry small cookies in it (and only partially). I find it can leave ripples on larger cookies, so I quick-dry those (cookies greater than about 3 inches) in front of the open dehydrator, with warm air gently blowing over them at a distance of several inches, and that gives me a better result.

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wonderful!!! Thank you so much. I looked, knowing there would have to be something, but couldn't find anything.. THANK YOU


Hi, I'm not sure how you searched, but if you use the "Advanced Search" feature (the blue link above the search box; see screen shot below), you will be taken to a new "Advanced Search" page where you can search any area of the site very specifically, for very particular keywords. It's a VERY powerful search feature and one definitely worth getting to know. I searched the "forums" area using the keyword "dehydrator" to come up with the items in the link I shared with you in my previous post. If you have any questions about how the advanced search feature works, do let me know. But it should be pretty self-explanatory, once you know where to find it! 

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