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Hi, all, I've recently gotten a few requests asking me to post in-person cookie decorating classes to the site.

First, an important reminder: I do not post in-person classes and events for other people, as that would be a full-time job!*  This site is called a "community", because it is designed to grow and prosper through contributions posted by the community, not by any single person or host. That being said, anyone can post a class of his/her own to the site's calendar, or a class of someone else's provided that class is not already posted on the calendar. (Please search the calendar first if you are posting an event for someone else, as it very well could be there already. We have A LOT of great classes on the 2016 calendar, even though it is only January!)

Second, this functionality has always been on the site, yet it's far easier to find on our new site, because all of the pertinent content is located under "Calendar" in the main navigation line. In the past, it was scattered across different areas of the site.

To post an event/class: Simply click on "Post" in the upper right of the site and then on "Event". Then follow the prompts to add your event/class details. Be sure to include links to your contact and registration information, as Cookie Connection cannot be responsible for directing class inquiries to you.  

To find classes on the calendar: Go to "Calendar" in the main navigation line and click on it. You'll want to filter out birthdays on the calendar in order to isolate other events (which are mostly classes) by selecting "Main Calendar" in the dropdown menu in the upper right, as shown below. Then, you'll simply need to scroll through each month to find all of the classes that have been posted to the site. Classes are also listed underneath the graphical calendar display for easier viewing. 

Main calendar

* There's one exception to my policy of not posting others' classes. I am trying to build a library of ONLINE cookie decorating courses under the "Resources" tab on this site. So if you know of other ONLINE courses that I have not yet listed there, please forward them to me.

Thanks! I look forward to seeing even more 2016 classes on the calendar soon!


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