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Hi, all, from time to time, I'll be posting lesser known gems about the new site in "Did You Know?"-type updates, with the goal of getting us all better acquainted with its full (and expanded) functionality. Here's the first!

Did you know that uploading video to our new site is easier and better than ever? In the past, you could only upload videos that were 100MB or less, which resulted in lots of lost resolution, especially for large videos. Videos were also automatically given a thumbnail, not of your choice.

BUT NOW, you can still upload video directly (still with the 100MB limit) from the usual "Add Clips" area . . .

Add Video 1

BUT, you have the additional choice of embedding video directly from another site, like YouTube, by clicking the "Add External Video(s)" tab and entering the video embed code, among other things, in the page that opens . . .

Add Video 2

There are at least two advantages to this new option: (1) higher resolution versions of your videos will appear on Cookie Connection and (2) the video will link directly back to your source platform, like YouTube, so any views here will only mean more views (and ad revenue) there! You can also add a custom thumbnail for the video by clicking on "Upload Image", in small blue type, at the bottom of the "Add External Videos" page, above.

And here's another interesting video nugget: if you're commenting anywhere on the site and cut and paste a YouTube video URL directly into your comment, the video will automatically embed and appear larger than life! Again, it will link directly back to the content creator, so that s/he gets additional traffic and any associated benefits. As an example, here's my latest YouTube video: 

Just be sure to add the direct video link, and not the link to the video in a playlist, or the video may not embed successfully.

I hope you discovered something new in this "Did You Know?", and I hope to see more videos gracing the site soon!


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  • "Add Clips" Tab: Cookie Connection Screenshot
  • "Add External Video" Tab: Cookie Connection Screenshot
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