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Okay, so they're not literally posted everywhere, but pretty darn close! Some of you have mentioned that the rules for the current Practice Bakes Perfect challenge are hard to find, so I rearranged things to make them (hopefully) easier to locate. (This means you all have to read the rules now before entering our challenges! )

Here's where you can now find quick links (buttons) to them, and on what devices: 

On all devices:

  • In the right hand column on all Clips and Blog pages. Just click on Clips or Blog in the main navigation line, look right, and scroll down.
  • In the right hand column on the Contributors page, near challenge host Christine Donnelly's bio (naturally).
  • In the blog! Just open up the Blog section in the main navigation line, look to the right for Blog Collections, and then click on the Practice Bakes Perfect Challenges collection. Usually, the most recent blog post in that collection will contain the rules to the current challenge.

The buttons in the right hand columns will look a lot like this, though the challenge title will obviously change over time:


On mobile devices:

On many mobile devices, the right hand columns are not viewable. In this case, you can find a new quick link directly under the challenge slide show gallery on the home page. Here's what that link looks like now:

Quick Link

I hope this info demystifies the whereabouts of the rules and allows more of you to find and enter the challenges. Any questions? Just let me know below.


Images (2)
  • Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #16 Button: Graphic design by Julia M Usher
  • Quick Link to Challenge Rules on Home Page: Screen shot from Cookie Connection
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