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EARLY BIRD TICKETS FOR THE BAKE FEST ARE AVAILABLE NOW, MORE THAN 40% OFF REGULAR PRICING! Join me virtually at The Bake Fest on May 20 and 21. I know, even I can’t believe I’ve got ANOTHER springtime event. But just like my others, this one isn’t to be missed! I'm slated to teach "Mixed Media Springtime Cookies", though my exact project has yet to be determined. (I promise it will be cool, however! 😊) Plus, you'll get to take about 30 other classes across all baking disciplines, as well as learn from amazing instructors like @cakebycourtney (on Instagram) and @missypsweets (also, on Instagram). All of the sessions will be recorded too, so you can watch them at your leisure for up to a year. Get your early bird ticket today for just $85 with my exclusive coupon code (juliamusher15) and save $65 off the regular price of $150. This event is perfect for everyone – from those looking to take their sweets skills to the next level to those hoping to jumpstart a baking business. Visit for more information (link below) and to grab your ticket today – and remember to use my code when you’re there! I look forward to seeing you at the event!


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