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I would love to donate my extra cookie cutters to someone who wants or needs them! I buy a lot of cookie cutters from Value Village, Goodwill, and garage sales. I always end up with a couple I don't own, but I also end up with many duplicates. If anyone wants my extra cookie cutters - email me at or send me a message through Cookie Connection. I will send them free of charge if you live in the U.S.


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Wow, what a nice gesture, Sherrie! I'm sure I've got a load of extra stuff to give away, too. I just need to get organized enough to find it! My workspace is disastrous right now. 

Was wondering if any of the above people that have extra cookie cutters happen to have any that are medical themed....such as pill or band-aid?  Would be interested in getting them whether your willing to give it away or sell it.  Please email me at    Thank you!!!!

I am just beginning my decorating journey and would love some as well.  I would surely insist on paying the shipping and something more.  

Your generosity is touching.

Thank you,


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