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I'm out of lemon juice and I need a substitute. It doesn't have to be a citrus, but it got me thinking about other flavorings I could use?  What do you all use? Are there some that should not be used that may break down the icing?

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Originally Posted by Mily:

I use vanilla alone but I love to use butter flavor, vanilla flavor and almond flavor together and clear.   


I'm with you about vanilla, and they are a big hit.  I think it helps that I double the vanilla.

Kelly, I have the Lorann Butter Vanilla emulsion too, but noticed on the ingredients list it states  as the last ingredient "partially hydrogenated soybean oil".   I was worried the "oil" would interfere with the royal icing setting/hardening.  Do you use it in your royal icing?  Thank you, Elizabeth )

I have been using it in my Royal Icing for years now and have had no problems at all.  I use 2 tbsp. and the icing sets up beautifully!  I have heard that minuscule amounts of oil aren't too much of a problem in RI that uses meringue powder as opposed to fresh egg whites or even powdered egg whites.  Hope that helps you.

What about chocolate?  Can you just mix some cocoa powder with the powdered sugar?  If so, how much?  1\3 cup?  I want to make turkey cookies and though chocolate royal icing would be a nice brown color for the bodies. 

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