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Wanted to share a neat thing that my husband put together for me.  Decorating cookies is a fairly new hobby for me but it was taking over my kitchen which is very small with limited counter space.  We found this pre-fab cabinet and it has made it so much easier to indulge my addiction.  I can store all my stuff (and in eight months of doing this, I have collected an amazing amount of stuff) and have additional work space when I need it.  When I am not decorating, close the doors and the kitchen returns to normal.


Cab 1

Cab 2

Cab 3


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  • Cab 1: Ready to go
  • Cab 2: Drying space as well as storage
  • Cab 3: Voila!
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Taking pictures is still in the learning curve for me so you might not have noticed that the back of the drop leaf shelf has a power strip that has three outlets.  There are also two large shelves underneath that hold my chocolate crockpot. dehydrator and airbrush as well as a few other bulky items.  Sauder Furniture calls it a "Craft Armoire".

This is great! I have a tiny kitchen, but some adjoining dining room space, so I  recently purchased a drop-leaf... um, well drop leaf, from Ikea. It is just a wooden work surface that hangs flat against the wall. It is hinged so you can flip it up, and there is a small triangular bracket you swing out to keep it up. I too am hoping to get an armoire, but never knew I could get one with a good-sized decorating table built in. Thanks

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