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I baked 2 dozen cookies with edible images for a special achievement I thought a friend would get last weekend, and alas, she didn't get it. She will get to try again next weekend (it's an athletic achievement and she has to get a certain number of points)...but now I have the cookies. They are wrapped in cellophane bags and tied with ribbon and in an airtight container.  I am wondering, do I freeze them until next weekend or just leave them in the cold? (They are in my attached garage and the temps are in the 40s right now).  And if I were to freeze them, do I need to remove them from the bags first? (A pain to be sure.)  I have frozen cookies with edible images before and they turned out okay, but I don't know about the bags. Thoughts?


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I've never frozen cookies with edible images (I don't freeze decorated cookies, period) and don't know what effect freezing would have on them, but I think if they're tightly wrapped, they'll be fine/better stored at room temp for a week. Though I'd be curious to know how wafer paper fares in the freezer. If you have an extra, you might want to do a test and let us know!

I agree with Julia & dont freeze decorated cookies, period.

I have read time and time again though, that it is pertinent to make sure that the container is not opened or closedd from the time it goes into the freezer to the time it is fully defrosted (and preferably at the same room temperature/humidity outside as it was before it was frozen)

ie. if it was a 40 degree day with 50% rel. humidity - you should freeze, then only defrost where possible, at those same conditions - as it is the combination of temperature & rel. humidity that affects the moisture in the biscuits.

Personally, i too think they would be best left at room temperature tightly wrapped.

I did a test and froze one cookie, then let it thaw, and it turned out great. So I tightly sealed the box they were in and put them all in the freezer.  I'm happy to report that today my friend earned her reward, and I presented the cookies and they looked great.  How about the taste test?  No one wants to eat them, they are too pretty!  But someone finally did eat one and said they tasted great. 


By the way these were not the wafer sheets, these were frosting sheets.


Donna, The Frosting Fairy

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