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Hey! My first post here so hopefully I'm in the right space. I've been an on-again off-again cookie decorator for probably around 6 years or more. I'm ready to take it up a notch and start working on a business. Though practice is the main thing I need right now, I'm also in desperate need of business planning, pricing, etc.

In any case, where I've decided to start is ingredients, and I would absolutely love to make my creations as organic and humanely sourced as possible! While costco provides organic flour, sugar, etc, and amazon seems decent for powdered sugar and cream cheese, there are a few key ingredients I'm having difficulty sourcing; any help would be epic!!

My primary concern right now is some sort of organic meringue powder. I have yet to make royal icing with anything besides meringue powder (other than once with egg whites, and that was after a botched batch where I used whole eggs hahahaha), though I've read that powdered egg whites are a thing as well, so I'm down for either option!

Also, does anyone here bulk source things like baking powder/soda, extracts, etc? I'm concerned with getting the baking powder/soda in bulk in case it expires before I'm able to use it, though obviously I'm trying to optimize cost. I'm sure this will depend on my own productivity levels, but I'd appreciate some insight.

As a connected topic, I'd like my baking to be fairly inclusive. I've been working on dairy-free recipes, and am going to start exploring vegan recipes as well. I know that aquafaba is a thing and could be used to make vegan royal icing. I'm curious if anyone here has had experience with it? I've never tried!! Has anyone ever been so in love with a vegan recipe that even though not necessary for their own dietary needs they've stuck with anyway?

Thanks in advance

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Hi, @Jaime Jo! Welcome to the site! I don't have any experience with organic meringue powder, but I've seen a few sources of organic albumen powder online. The only trouble is that buying online, or even at CostCo., is probably not how you want to buy ingredients if you want to be as cost effective as possible. It's best to buy wholesale from local bakery suppliers, IMO, but you'll need a tax ID#, business license, and perhaps some other things in order to purchase wholesale. (Best check with your local business authorities, etc. on what you need to get started in your area, as requirements can vary from place to place.)

Hi, I don't live in the States so I can't help you with the question about where to buy, but I wanted to comment that I  always use powdered egg whites for the icing and it works really fine for me!!

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