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Sweet Ellie Belle Cookies - what type of material do you use for the stencil and where do you get it?


I bought a Silhouette Cake machine long ago and never used it. Took it out of the box once and put it right back in!!! Unfortunately, I don't think it cuts stencils. It was made for gumpaste/fondant.

There is a youtube video of someone making stencils from .007 mm plastic sheet.  Someone else used plastic dividers from Staples.  Plastic apparently requires a double cut though.  I still haven't gotten the Silhouette machine I ordered, so have not tried it out yet.

Well I have seen people using it and they made stencil and texture mat with it. It is so versatile and works great.  I bought the cricut and it did not worked for me nor the cake cricut nor the expresion.  I waste to many material and time, I have it in a closet and I feel frustration about that pair of mashines only stored there.  Now I am working with dies, not so versatile but helps.


I LOOOOOVE my silhouette and have used it for all sorts of things. I've made my own stencils, cut vinyl, rhinestones, etching templates, making mock ups for pics and designing all sorts of things.  it's such a versatile tool and the software it comes with provides a lot of tools for designing.  


If you are looking for a good blog/tutorial site for the Silhouette, visit  She breaks it down into simple, easy to follow steps & terms. She also has a youtube channel and is now on Periscope!

Originally Posted by LouisXIV:

I just got a Silhouette Cameo machine (it cuts out very intricate shapes.  I was wondering if anyone had ever used one to make your stencils and, if so, what your experience was.  Thanks.

I got the Portrait. Tried several times to make stencils, but was never happy with it.  It's in the box. I would love to sell it if anyone wants it.  It may work fine for you, but maybe I just didn't 'get it'.

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