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Hi, all,

I am trying to make the hemisphere cookies for one of Julia's projects, but they keep sliding down the silicone mould and ending up with holes?  I am using Julia.s sugar cookie recipe; I have checked my oven temperature and it is out but I have adjusted to compensate; I chill the dough before baking . . . what am I missing?  Has anyone else had similar issues?  Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

LorriIMG_0003Hemisphere cookie failure


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  • Hemisphere cookie failure
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I actually haven't formulated that recipe for reliable baking on all 3-D forms/shapes. It has a relatively low flour ratio compared to my gingerbread, so it is bound to spread more on curved shapes. You'll have to add more flour and probably cut the leavening in half as a starting point. I'm working on recipe reformulations for it in the coming weeks, but I have no exact adjustments for you right now. You also don't want to grease your molds in any way; if you are doing that, then just try not doing that (before modifying the recipe) and loosening the dough with a paring knife right when it comes out of the oven.

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