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Hi, fellow cookiers!  My friend Kym Joles peer-pressured me into joining here, and I can't believe everything I've been missing out on!  Thanks for letting me participate, so excited to see what you all create, and to learn new things!  You can find me on social @seattlecookiemaker, and I love love making new cookie friends.  Yay cookies!


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  • Birthday Cake
  • Red Velvet Jordans
  • Shamrock Shake
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Hi again, @Seattle Cookie Maker! It's me for real this time (the previous message was automated). Thanks for joining the fun - I sincerely hope you love the site and learn lots of new things here. We're eager to get to know you better too! Please share your photos in our main photo feed (post to "Clips") so more people can see your work! "See" you around the site, and please don't hesitate to ask questions at any time. We are a helpful bunch!

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