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Hi, I'm Mark and I'm the founder of

While I don't make cookies for work, I make software that helps you make more cookies. I'm a lifelong entrepreneur with a passion for helping small local businesses be successful.

I'm so inspired by the creativity and hard work of this community.

I hope I can add some value by answering any tech (websites, etc...) or business questions (pricing, marketing, etc) that you might have.

Picture of me with three of my favorite things: my laptop, a hot cup of coffee, and my pal Bo.


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Of course!

I dont want to be overly "salesy"... but always love talking about my biz!

Castiron is the easiest custom website builder, built specifically for bakers and cottage food professionals.

We've built the entire platform around how your businesses work -- simple templates, custom order forms, availability calendar, lead time management, integrated payments, automated email marketing, coupons, tax forms and more.

Castiron makes your life easier and gives you time back by doing all the the things other than baking.

I'm really passionate about this -- you can probably tell -- and I'd be happy to give demos, answer questions about Castiron... and also about tech in general and how to leverage it better for your businesses.

Some examples of current customers:

I'm always available to answer any questions or help this community in any way that I can.


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