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Hi. I'm from Mexico and have been asked to make cookies. There are a few minor obstacles in my way that I'm hoping to get some help with. 

All we have here is an unrefined slightly coarse sugar, not the huge granular sugar and not very brown. Are there any variations I should use in the recipe? 

Next is baking temp and time. Any variances there? 

This is last-minute or I'd search the site. I did spend about an hour here last night on egg white royal icing. No MP (meringue powder) here! And internet is spotty at best...

Thank you so much! 

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Sorry, what's the question about high-altitude baking? There are lots of questions here, so I'm not sure what you're really after? I've baked my regular sugar cookie recipe in Colorado with no modifications whatsoever (I kept all leavening in) and it did just fine, but a lot depends on the actual altitude. You may have to just do a test batch and see how it performs. If it spreads too much, then decrease the leavening.

On your icing question: My personal website ( has a recipe for egg white-based royal icing under Blog/Recipes/Icing. 

I use organic sugar in my cookies which is also a bit coarse and tan-colored. It can make the edges of the cookie slightly rough where the cutter can’t slice through the larger granules. It’s not a big deal usually, but sometimes I will grind the sugar until fine in a food processor if I want a really clean edge.

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