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Hi I am new here and would like to get your opinion. Just how close to the edge do y'all flood? I have tried everything and it seems as if I am either too far which looks weird or so close I can't pick up the cookie to move to fan area without getting my big, fat and uncoordinated fingers from smudging the edges of my cookies. I am new at this so any help would be appreciated.



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The closeness you choose is all a matter of the cookie design and the look you want. But on these bottles, I think very close is better. I never handle my iced cookies directly; I always put them on small (6-inch) cake cardboards when decorating so I don't put fingers in the icing, but also to minimize touching in general for food safety/sanitation reasons.

I have 12x12 boxes that are 1.4 inches tall.  I lined it with kitchen nonstick liner stuff used in drawers.  I keep my cookies in that and pipe directly right in the container.  I can use a bobo stick to push a cookie to the center.  I keep my cookies in the is container when I’m decorating and it keeps my cookies protected.  I have about 12 of these containers.

I rarely directly handle the decorated cookies and often have designs that flood to the edge. I use squares of thin non-slip material like used for lining kitchen drawers. That also keeps the cookies from moving around when I am using the scribe tool on the icing on small or mini cookies. To tap down cookies like these to eliminate air bubbles in the icing, I drag the cookie by the liner onto a small square rectangular frying pan, and the raised edges prevent the cookie from moving off while tapping from the bottom. Everyone has their unique methods but this works for me!

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