I decorate all of my cookies, including my gingerbread, as soon as they've cooled. Some people talk about butter/fat bleeding into the icing, so they wait a day or so for the cookies to dry out before icing, but I've never experienced such a thing and prefer my cookies to be eaten as fresh as possible.

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Nope, you can start decorating right when they are cooled. At least with normal sugar cookies

Some gingerbread cookies require several days or even weeks of ripening time, though.

I'm a new cookier.  I'm wondering why some gingerbread takes time to "ripen"?

Hi! I think most gingerbread takes a little time for the spices to fully meld into the dough and for the flavor to really "express" itself. Some is quite hard (like German lebkuchen) though, and it also requires time in a container (with a slice of apple) to soften and mellow.

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