I make a shortbread cookie. I then ice it with royal icing and let it dry overnight.  I apply the edible image using either Crisco, or piping gel. Around the edges I use either light corn syrup or piping gel to add the sprinkles.  I let that dry overnight before putting them in a sealed bag.

My problem: a few days after bagging, the cookies start to look wet.  Almost as if I didn't let them dry enough (overnight I thought was long enough).

I have attached a photo to show you what is happening.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  

Thank you!

Dolores, Crumbolicious



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Shortening doesn't really dry, so that may be part of the problem. I also find that piping gel dries faster than corn syrup, but you can't use very much of either or the paper will dissolve or spot. The best I can suggest is to stop using shortening under the primary paper and to let the cookies air-dry longer before bagging.

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