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I just received a request from the local chapter of the American Heart Association to donate some cookies for an auction at an event they are doing.  The theme is furs and spurs, boots and suits, I think it is an elegant western idea.  My mind keeps going toward boots, hats etc but I want to make them really special!  One idea I had was for the silhouette of a coyote howling at the moon and a the silhouette of a horse at sunset but couldn't think of anymore.  I'm supposed to make a platter so different sizes and shapes are ideal.  I am just really stuck!

Thanks for any ideas!

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Cool! I hope you post a pic when all is said and done...I am sure you will do a beautiful job!
Originally Posted by Seeet tooth:
Honestly I haven't decided 100%...  I think I'm going to do a bouquet instea of a platter to up the "wow" factor.  I'm leaning toward hearts decorated in different cowboy themes: bandana print, cow print, denim with a belt buckle, red back ground with "AHA" in a lasso font also thinking of putting some of the silhouette ones but I feel like I'm forcing them a bit.


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