Susie - If you search the site for "handpainting tutorial" (the post contains both of these words), this is what comes up: http://cookieconnection.juliau...agination.sort=SCORE

You'll find that our contributors, Dolce Sentire and Honeycat Cookies, have written several tutorials on handpainting. Others have posted videos and such.

You might also want to search just our calendar along with the word "handpainting" to see if any handpainting classes are listed by any of our members. You can use the advanced search option to search a single area of the site.

Arty McGoo also teaches a fair bit of handpainting on her site McGoo U. 

Econlady posted:
Julia M. Usher posted:

Does Tunde teach handpainting? I know she teaches a lot of intricate piping, but I wasn't aware that she taught painting too. Cool!

I'm sorry I misread.  She does the intricate piping.

LOL - Now I get it. I was sort of wondering about your consistency comment! Makes more sense with icing. 

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