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Austnin 2020 Cookie Track

It's pretty astounding that cookies are now front and center in the sugar arts community, don't you think?!  In a concerted effort to serve the growing cookie interest at their show, That Takes the Cake Show (Austin, TX, USA, February 22-23, 2020) continues its popular "Cookie Track", a series of cookie decorating demos (some of which are hands-on) by cookiers and other sugar artists!

I'm thrilled to announce that, in addition to judging Julia M. Usher’s Cookie Art Competition™ at the show (reg now open, BTW) , I'm also one of the instructors on the Cookie Track. I'll be demoing how to make luxe layered cookies, which, though 2-D, are still rich with depth and dimension by virtue of using a mixture of media and techniques.

I hope to see you in Austin!

For more info about the Cookie Track, please visit:


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  • That Takes the Cake 2020 Cookie Track Banner: Graphic Courtesy of That Takes the Cake
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